Freedom to Igor Mendes and all comrades condemned by the old state of Brazil!

We direct the following words to our comrades in Brazil, to the
international communist movement, and to our friends in Finland. In July
the old state of Brazil captured 23 comrades for the protests and
resistance organized prior to and during FIFA 2014 against the
anti-people misspending and evictions. They are threatened with several
years long, even 13 years prison sentences. Among them is also the
leader of the revolutionary youth of Brazil, Igor Mendes, the likes of
who must be raised in all countries from the righteous rebellion to
overthrow all reactionaries.

The Brazilian reaction which is sinking into an ever deepening crisis,
is waging a doomed struggle to stretch its life expectancy. The agrarian
revolutionary movement relying on poor peasantry, with the League of
Poor Peasants as its brightest expression, is developing as an
unstoppable component of the new democratic revolution with martyrs
accumulating ever so often. Thus the days of the bureaucratic
bourgeoisie and landowners are dwindling, because as in the countryside,
also in the cities a magnificent revolutionary movement is being
constructed with communist leadership. With growing consciousness of
that we express solidarity to the 23 comrades hardened by class
struggle, being certain that the white terror resorting to ever more
cowardly measures can not prevent the sun of new democracy rising and
shining through prison walls.

Igor Mendes, son of the Brazilian people, fighter of the international
proletariat, is not alone! His generation will see the Brazil of new
democracy, as well as the destruction of imperialism with people’s war.
We praise the unyielding struggle of the revolutionaries of Brazil as an
inspiring example to the proletariat also in Finland. Our material force
here is still a future perspective, but our work illuminated by our
internationally shared only correct ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,
shall fulfill the promise that already before the dawn of the
revolution’s victory in oppressed countries, also the communists in
Finland will serve the world proletarian revolution with the
perseverance and self-sacrifice of our best Brazilian comrades.

August 2018
Red Flag Collective (Finland)

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